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enduring styles: menswear-inspired to native knits

November 6, 2011

A slew of photos that serve to inspire me to dress in a way that transcends fads–

This first photo shoot left me longing for the sophistication of a tailored look and the warmth of a beautifully printed knit.

Katharine Hepburn

Cate Blanchett as Kate Hepburn in The Aviator

Women in Menswear

Amelia Earhart Getty Image

Feminine. Strong. Adventurous.

Vogue Knitting Sep 2011
Dree Hemmingway Vogue UK

Fair Isle fashion


Marie Claire Czech Dec 2010

Navajo print

Navajo print sweater (by

we are not groupies…we are band aids!

September 16, 2011

It’s been a while…I know. but here I am again and what I have today are some Herve Leger bandage dresses donned by some fiercely fashionable women:

Credits: Evan Agostini/Getty Images;

Credits: Dee Cercone/Everett;

Credits Atoa/Everett;

Credits: Callahan/Everett

Credits: Cercone/Everett

Credits: Callahan/Everett


Credits: Buckner/Getty

Credits: Gallup/Getty

Remember this one? My favorite of the bunch!

Credits: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

My fashion/style icon: Rachel Bilson of course would wear an Herve Leger bandage dress so stunningly. Love that clutch.

Credits: LaVeris


See the slideshow of all these and other lovely dresses by Herve Leger on Hollywood’s famous faces here.




i’d send you a postcard

August 10, 2010

I’ve been gone for a while. It wasn’t intentional and I hope I never do so for so long again.

I’m back in Boston and catching my breath for the next couple of weeks before I’m back to school and back to fine tuning my time management skills. In the mean time I’ve been job hunting and with luck I might add. I’ve also been online adding items to my dream cart. That’s part of an inside joke, but I think you get it.  So…I’ve been online and sniffing around Modcloth. Since the universe has a teasing sense of humor, of course there is a pair of gorgeous cut-out oxfords that I can’t afford–or at least the responsible me can’t afford. They’re just the right formula of rustic leather and canvas to conjure up daydreams of summertime in 1960s France, living in the countryside. I’d be laying under the summer sun. Breathing in the fresh air.  Pen and journal in hand. Willing time to stand still.


I’d hope to pair it with as beautiful a dress as the one below, also found on Modcloth.

What would you be doing?

Seeing Red Dress-ModclothScholarly Method Flat-Modcloth

it’s been a long road

March 29, 2010

The Amanda Shoe in tan, American Apparel

Enamored is the word most fitting to describe how I feel right now. The idealist in me has never felt so compensated for. If that makes any sense. What I’m trying to say is I have thought up an array of different things including a pair of oxford flats and never have I actually found just what I wanted before. Until today when the right oxford interpretation here by Tic-Tac-Toe sold at American Apparel happened its way upon me. I’ve been searching and waiting for the perfect pair for soo long.

Oxford Style Slide 10

The detailing here of perforated cut-outs really sealed the deal for me. Reminded me of the sweet and charming appeal in the Victoria’s Secret (if I remember correctly) eyelet peep-toe bootie from the image above (part of a slideshow found in this post here). Not to mention that über feminine almond shaped toe that helps a petite girl like me elongate her look.

It’s funny: I don’t really like to buy the same item in different colors–it’s a pet peeve of mine, but this would be the exception (if I was only willing to buy them both.) They’re just as perfect in tan as they are in cream. But each would obviously have the ability to create very distinct looks.

I can’t help but think of the many occasions I could wear these oh-so-believably comfortable oxford flats. On beautiful sunny days when the skies are clear and an ongoing breeze is whipping my hair around ever so slightly. I could be on a picnic or riding a bike. Or moseying  around the neighborhood. Or helping my sister plant some flowers (and by helping I mean handing her a tool here and there and mostly serving as a conversationalist). With a smile from ear to ear I want to say thank you American Apparel you have made my year pretty much.

(Okay, so I’m prone to hyperbole….but you knew that already.)

So I’m so excited about my beautiful birthday gifts…which also includes three pairs of shoes: gray suede flats; black leather, equestrian boots; and indigo suede heels. And a pinstripe shirt dress, a sheer cotton eyelet top, and a fun floral print top with an exposed zipper in the back. Loving my gifts.

The Amanda Shoe in cream, American Apparel

my favorites down the red carpet

March 11, 2010

Yes, I am talking about the Oscars that apparently got  41.3 M viewers, including myself, when it aired Sunday night. I made sure to catch the beginning: when the stars and/or nominees walk the red carpet because of course I love to see what they’re wearing! Sorry, but I pretty much only have eyes for the gowns–guys just don’t get to make as much of a spectacle as the ladies do…it’s a shame, but it seems when they try they end up looking a little wacky like Robert Downey Jr. did……but it’s okay: personally, I don’t mind it.

On to the gorgeous gowns…

Vera Farmiga wearing Marchesa

My favorite has to be Vera Farmiga in that  ‘scarlet’ Marchesa gown with ‘cascading, pleating ruffles’. (I think it was on E! that it was described so eloquently.) It was absolutely the most enchanting dress I’d ever seen down a red carpet. I loved the drama it held and the silhouette it created. I just LOVED it. Adored it. The whole look: her hair, make up, darling jewelry, and especially that  color (which I did highlight, yes, but had to mention just one more time). It was the ruffles that did me in though–I am a sucker for anything ruffled!! Also of course the pleating was perfection: such a modern take on such a common and often underrated style.Okay, okay. I’m moving on to the other dresses that had big tulle to fill. (My attempt at a joke.)

Sandra Bullock wearing Marchesa

The sweetest win had to be Sandra Bullock’s for best actress. I have to admit I haven’t seen “The Blind Side” yet, but I intend to. I want to see her performance in this movie and I am always up for movies that are based on true stories. Unfortunately, I am usually more interested in those with sad endings–I am so sick and twisted…I know.  Now about this gown: it’s also a Marchesa gown and it’s stunning. Again, the whole look did it for me. The simple make up with the gorgeous pop of color on her lips (the shade of which I loved and wish I could pull off–I am always so aware of how not-white my teeth are though when I wear my red lipstick .) Also her bag complemented her dress so well, as did her understated jewelry. So beautiful…!

Anna Kendrick wearing Elie Saab

Anna Kendrick definitely surprised me. I don’t think much of her role in “Twilight”, but in her defense there’s not much she can do about that. I am dying to see “Up in the Air” and am so glad to know she has such a great sense of style. I thought it was funny that she never expected she would wear pink to the award show–I’m not  a fan of pink either, but this dress truly is the exception. Actually her and Demi Moore (which I talk-up later).  I love ruffles, but second to them is surely draping. My favorite part of this Elie Saab dress is the off the shoulder bit. Not only is it Grecian inspired but it also had a lace trimmed thigh-high slit, with just enough skin showing without going over the top. This pale pink color is gorgeous on her with the dark hair and again subtle make up. The romantic look is taking over and I am loving it!! Yay!

Rachel McAdams wearing Elie Saab

Awe yes…Rachel McAdams in another exquisite dress by Elie Saab. The moment I saw her in this gown–my mouth dropped. I love her sense of style, but she took it to a whole new level here. This is the most beautiful she’s ever looked, in my opinion. This number fit so perfectly. Both her body type but even more so I felt like her personality was exemplified in this dress: if I only really knew what she was like, but you get the idea. It was just so right for her. The sweet heart neckline is such a romantic one–not to mention the hues of pink, blue, and green. I loved her for wearing a print to the Oscars which is hardly ever the case: bold move, well done. Also, I want to say that I am not much of a jewelry person so I appreciated her choice to be to so minimal. Loved it. I hope she just keeps impressing me…so excited for her what she’ll wear to the next award show.

I don’t want this post to get too long so those are my favorites…

but I want to mention the other dresses that definitely caught my eye, thus made quite an impression on me:

Demi Moore wearing Atelier Versace

Demi Moore’s dress was just down my alley. Again with a blush colored pink and hair (and make up) that complemented it very well. She looked wonderful.

Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing Dries Van Noten

Maggie Gyllenhaal also chose a print and my was it lovely. The print wasn’t overwhelming at all or whatever it is people are saying (well okay…I guess we’re all entitled to our opinions). I thought she pulled it off well and it suite her figure nicely. I just adored her earrings, bracelet, and pink lipstick. I’m glad she brought her unconventional sense of style to the Oscars. And just like Rachel, I am hoping to see even more of that in the future.

Elizabet Banks wearing Versace

Elizabeth Banks looked so charming in this Versace gown complete with contrasting fitted bodice and ruffled train. I thought she looked stunning. This color looked especially alluring on her. I love gray. If I had to pick a favorite color it would be all shades of gray. Adore it. So…I also thought the headpiece she wore was incredibly becoming.

Natalie Portman Oscars 2005

I think it rivals Natalie Portman’s diamond headpiece (from the 2005 Oscars), but I still prefer Natalie’s. Wanted to add that I love Elizabeth Banks even more for hosting the Sci-Tech Oscars.

Kate Winslet wearing Yves Saint Laurent

Kate Winslet never fails to impress me. She really went old Hollywood with a twist this time. Classic yet unconventional, leaving me in awe of her. Oh I almost forgot: the dress is by Yves Saint Laurent.

Cameron Diaz wearing Oscar De La Renta

Cameron Diaz wore Oscar De La Renta–pulling off the gold, embellished dress very well. I normally don’t care for her style choices, but she definitely upped it a few notches and deserves credit for such a smart move. Don’t like the hoop earrings, but that’s just me.

Carey Mulligan wearing Prada

Likewise, Carey Mulligan did a little embellishment on this black also strapless Prada gown. I usually don’t look too closely at the heels worn at these award shows and when I do I am often disappointed (except for Natalie Portman and Rachel Bilson–they always have the perfect pair on) but this time Carey’s choice in footwear was just gorgeous.

Nicole Richie wearing Reem Acra

Nicole Richie wore a sequined gown by Reem Acra that was certainly inspired by the 70’s and I loved it. That is:  the sleeves,  the color, as well as the low back. She really enjoys fashion and isn’t afraid to wear something completely unexpected. Looooved this one.

Kristen Stewart wearing Monique Lhuillier

She’s so perfectly awkward. Still, Kirsten Stewart wore a really beautiful gown by Monique Lhuillier. I actually like what Kristen wears most of the time, but this dress really did it for a lot of people, including me. I appreciate that she kept with her usual carefree-ness about herself by keeping her hair messy and hardly any jewelry at all. Right on!

Miley Cyrus wearing Jenny Packcham

I have to admit it: I liked what Miley Cyrus wore to the Oscars. Joan Rivers hit on the one thing I would change about it: it’s a little too tight on the top. Other than that, it’s really very pretty. It complements her age as well, which is nice. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised..because come to think of it I really loved that red Valentino dress (and the earrings!) she wore to the Oscars in 2008.

Miley Cyrus wearing Valentino

I hope I didn’t skip anyone, but I’m going to wrap this up now. I think I went on for much longer than I should have, but there it is, my favorites down the red carpet.

Photos, unless otherwise noted, came from this blog site.

putting models in outfits

March 11, 2010

…I know I said I would post my finds from my second trip to ReTails, but I just haven’t worn and so had the chance to take pictures of the skirts yet. I will get to it–I promise…

I just now put together a little something from this new site: Couturious and despite what I thought was a very limited collection of clothes, I really like what I have. Oh and I have to say it’s pretty awesome that users get to choose a model, a background, and mention the occasion for the outfit (‘where is she going?’) Pretty neat. Here’s what I pulled together and this time I have what the pieces are and their monetary value are listed below my creation. In case your wondering: I decided that my model is going to visit a museum. (Something I love to do and definitely love to dress well when I’m out doing it). Yes…I questioned whether she should be wearing heels or not, but she’ll be able to rest her feet when she grabs lunch. Okay I think I got way too into this.

What do you think of her outfit and the site?

My Coturious Ensemble

My Couturious Ensemble

Herringbone Blazer: Silence & Noise, $39.99 at Urban Outfitters

Plaid Wool Vest: Fei, $118 at Anthropologie

Leather Tulip Wrap Skirt: See by Chloe, $540 at

Buttoned Leather Boot: Frye, $205 at

Raphael bag: Tory Burch, $325 at Tory Burch

Whitney Necklace: Vintage City Classics, $95 at Vintage City Classics (necklace no longer available)

Leaf Bracelet Cuff: Kinetic Soul, $38 at Kinetic Soul

Rachel Bilson designs for charity

March 1, 2010

I’m so sad that I didn’t come across this sooner, but I here it is regardless: People Online had a small article on Rachel Bilson’s charitable work sponsored by InStyle  magazine which you can read in full here and InStyle’s here. The photo below is of the bracelet that allowed for this actress and fashion designer to add jewelry designer to her resume as well.

Everlon Bracelet photo courtesy of InStyle

Personally I think this is a beautiful piece, but more than admiring her for producing an inspired accessory, I admire her for participating in something so fruitful and benefiting of others, in this case students in Johannesburg, South Africa and Bostwana for CIDA (Community and Individual Development Association) Foundation’ s CIDA City Campus.

As late as I am on this scoop, you can still purchase this bracelet through this link right here. Here’s an excerpt from InStyle’s piece on Rachel Bilson that gives you a pretty thorough understanding of the project she’s supporting.

Last December, Bilson traveled to Botswana and South Africa to report on the improvements diamond mining has made in the lives of the people there. Wanting to do what she could to help, Bilson created this bracelet, sold exclusively through It retails for $100, with $20 from each sale going to the non-profit Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF). Money raised will help purchase additional student housing for the CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg, Africa’s first practically free university.

photo collage courtesy of InStyle

Also here’s a link to see a short video narrated by Rachel talking about her part and experience being involved in such a wonderful cause. Enjoy!

Bilson created this bracelet, sold exclusively through It retails for $100, with $20 from each sale going to the non-profit Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF). Money raised will help purchase additional student housing for the CIDA City Campus in Johannesburg, Africa’s first practically free university.
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