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flipping through the pages of magazines

October 2, 2009

I look through fashion magazines and hope to find something about my style reflected in those pages.

I recently heard or read that American culture is fixated on the mentality of  ‘shop til you drop ‘. (I’m sure with the economic crisis people are feeling forced to take it down a few notches, but those of us who love(d) to shop remember what I’m talking about.) I also read in Nina Garcia’s The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own Americans have too much in their closets. After reading that I took a moment to imagine what my  closet looked like and thought to myself, I think she’s right. So I took a few things out and donated them to my local thrift store, but my closet still looks full to the brim. At least what used to be in suitcases has moved into my closet where they belong. Ophelia John William Waterhouse 1889 Pre-RaphaeliteHalf of what was in there I bought on impulse and didn’t even want to wear anymore. (So you know: the clothes in my suitcase were winter clothes that didn’t need to be out just yet.) I digress…Thankfully I don’t shop like that anymore because I can’t even afford to.

So I buy too much, but why? …Because I don’t buy the same things all the time. I change it up, a lot, without even thinking about it. When I see something I like, I want to own it because I immediately fall in love with whatever it represents to me.

Please see this blog if you’re interested in this painting of Ophelia by John William Waterhouse.

A friend and I were discussing the lack of individuality in clothing/style we see among groups of friends, when she made me realize that everyone is trying to imitate some idea or period or person with their clothes. (Obvious isn’t it? How come I needed someone to point that out to me? I don’t know.) When we want to be taken seriously and appear professional for a job interview, for instance, what do we immediately know is the most appropriate thing to wear? A fitted suit, a button down with slacks…you get where I’m going with this. So whenever I found myself whining and complaining that nothing I owned matched or that my wardrobe looked like I had a personality disorder, my loving sister would ease my mind and tell me that I had an eclectic sense of style. I’m going to agree with her because that’s quite a compliment, but I also want to add: the reason I had such different pieces of clothing were because I saw in them the potential to be part of some amazing outfit in the outskirts of my imagination. For example, I have this gorgeous teal colored halter dress with beautiful eyelet details that I call my gypsy dress because it has this traditional gypsy quality to it. I imagined the kind of girl wearing this kind of dress: (don’t mind my romanticized way of thinking) a girl running through a field, the breeze blowing her hair and against her skin, and feeling free. So now when I wear that dress the freedom and passion I found in that girl is palpable to me.

It’s hard to leave those fashion magazines and not feel inspired to take the essence of whatever look and make it your own. Of course, there are those moments when you’re rushing and you’re in a pinch, so for those times I’ve learned to rely on my fashion staples. And sure, most of the magazine is probably full of ads for designer labels you could never afford, but if that’s not what you’re into keep looking; maybe you’ll find a new look for an outfit you’ve worn too many times to count. Something is bound to catch your interest.Running through a field of flowers flickr Alysha_Kaz indie

I love this picture. I found it here.

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