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romantic fall’s fashion

October 9, 2009

Fall could quite possibly be my favorite season for its romantic quality. Its brilliant, picturesque hues that scatter the sidewalks and dress the crowds of people passing me as I make my way onto the train have a way of picking me up from a sleepy morning. I can’t help but look around and wish I could just stay in this moment: when the sun is shining brightly, the wind is picking up enough to send my scarf fluttering in its direction. Autumn is beautiful, but what I have to address at this point is the following: now that autumn is here, I can unburden that dusty section of my closet. I can bring back to life my boots, scarves, sweaters, coats, and my beloved cozy cardigans.

The brilliant colors and addictive layering that fall brings me, has me in a flux. I just want to take part in all the change going on and spice up my outfits with all sorts of prints: paisley, floral, argyles, and…anything is game for me really. Some days more than others, but nevertheless it’s there.

I have to share with you one of my wish-list items that I’ve been obsessing over since I found them on one of my endless internet searches for great fall and winter boots (I’d say about three years ago–that’s what I call an obsession!). Of course, they’re too expensive for me, but I lust after them knowing that someday I’ll be able to afford them–writing careers are becoming more and more profitable these days, aren’t they? Yes, yes they are. I told you I had a fascination with that romantic style. So here they are, Exhibit A. image

photo courtesy of

(They’re on sale finally! So how is it possible the universe won’t let me indulge myself just yet. It’s okay–clearly, this is not a real crisis…I’ll have to wait yet another year.)

I’ll be sure to keep you update with more of my favorite fall longings.

Here are some runway looks of Nanettte Lepore’s for Fall 2009. Have a look here for more.

photo courtesy of

This is a beautiful photograph that I came across and had to share. I love this weather…it just means I’m closer to winter–can’t wait! image

photo courtesy of

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