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wishlist: stylish bag, scholastic utility

November 12, 2009

Every school year new semester I carry this uncanny fear that I won’t have the right size bag to slug around the many books and notebooks the compulsive packer, that I am, will need on a daily basis. I’m excited to tell you there’s something ready for next semester! A most versatile bag that will take care of those needs as well as add some oomph to my outfit; all while not making me feel like a dud for not adhering to the all-students-must-carry-a-back-pack policy that seems to exist at least on some kind of unwritten-rule realm. Style Thesis Bag

I never did like back packs. They’re so uniform.

So here I am cruising through the accessories at ModCloth ready to disarm you with my latest find. It is the Style Thesis Bag: sizable enough to hold what I need to schlep around and ahh…it‘s so smart. Not to mention it fits in well with my wardrobe, which means no freak outs in the morning over what bag to carry.

What a relief…

It’s always fun to change it up now and then–even if it’s “just class”–and this is how I find solace in my guilty pleasure that has become more of a tradition now.

Hope you guys love it!

To get a full description please visit ModCloth.

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