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OFD (obsessive Frye disorder)- the betty t-strap

December 4, 2009

photos courtesy of

I really have a problem. Obsessive Frye Disorder–as I’ve named it.You see, it’s regularly the case that the boots, or in this case T-strap heels, that I want are made by The Frye Company.

Case in point: the Betty T- Strap. It’s quite the jaw-dropping shoe namely for its signature stacked heel and stitch detailing. They’re the kind of shoes that make for an ample wardrobe: definitely a staple item. They’re worth the price because of the craftsmanship behind them. I encourage all who have been searching for a fantastic pair of T-strap heels to buy these.  Also, I want to mention that these lovelies are currently on sale at! There are quite a few colors to choose from: Forest (pictured here; I love these), Bordeaux, Brown, and Black. Take a look.

Which is your favorite?

UPDATE: Currently these are on sale for $99.99 (was $168) at Take advantage people. (They still have my size!!)

Vogue loves Frye too

In the spirit of warm, cozy stories told before a fireplace (can’t wait for snow!) I thought I would share one of my own encounters with a classic pair of Mary Janes.

It was a sublimely beautiful winter afternoon, last year, when my best friend and I decided to take one last mid-December stab at Forever21 to see if we’d find the dresses we’d been holding our breath to find for an upcoming Christmas party. Well, not only did we find those dresses–I also stumbled upon the most exquisite pair of Mary Jane heels I’d ever seen. I’d normally just lust after them quietly and unobtrusively, but I just couldn’t contain my curiosity. I casually walked up to this girl who happened to also be wearing an equally lust-worthy outfit to match: an A-line satin dress of a brilliant jewel-toned blue (gorgeous).

Still, I couldn’t stop staring at those beautifully crafted means of adornment on her feet. I decided there was only one thing I could do to regain some piece of mind: ask her what I was dying to know where could I purchase those myself?

Interrupting her shopping I walked over and confessed how much I admired her taste in shoes. Obviously flattered at the compliment her eyes widened and a warm smile found itself on her face as she thanked me for the gesture. It’s as if she knew how hard it was for me to tell her I found them stunning. (And man, were they!)

She told me who made them and where I could find them. Our exchange was short and sweet, but I have to say I was able to walk away with less of  a chip on my shoulder.

So Really? Juicy? Imagine my surprise...Who woulda-thunk?

Eva by Juicy Couture

You’d be surprised how much searching went into finding a photo of these, but here they are.

The perfect casual Mary Jane. The two-straps give it a little something, don’t you think?

photo courtesy of

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  1. Elizabeth permalink
    December 5, 2009 9:53 pm

    I normally don’t like heels but these are very cue, plus i love the color!!!

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