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inside my favorite magazine

February 24, 2010


Oh, Lucky Magazine….you never disappoint.

So I finally got on top of my t0-do list and have put up my favorite finds from Lucky Magazine–my favorite fashion magazine of all time. I adore just about everything that Lucky’s pages have to offer. 

First up is an adoreable dress by H&M that made my day because it is so undeniably affordable. Okay, okay…so $50 might be a little more than hard to swallow, but I think it’s fair–though that might just be because I am in love with this dress. Honestly though, if you take extra care with your clothes you’ll find they can last you a long time. With my clumsy tendencies, perhaps I shouldn’t be the person dishing this kind of advice, but oh well.  Slowly but surely I will learn that for me: hot cocoa and a [new] lace top is not the best idea.  


Speaking of lace and tops…

A 'delicate and feminine' Lacy Top by Tracy Reese

The second piece I found oh-so-irresistable  is a sleeveless number by Tracy Reese (as well as the perfectly styled outfit) found among the many beautiful items spread throughout Lucky. I think you will too.

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