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a lovely gift: convenient cross-body and shoulder purse

February 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, my sister came home from work with a thirft store find just for me. It seems she was able to make some time to have a look around a local Raleigh thift store: ReTails Thrift Shop. So I’ve finally taken some pictures of it and here they are. I am absolutely loving it by the way. It’s so practical and cross-body purses are so convenient. I guess that’s why I’ve been kind of obsessed with it (that and I don’t really have any of my purses here with me now and my outfits have felt so incomplete without them). This super inexpensive gift (its tag read: $4) is something I’m really enjoying–probably a little too much.  I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since I got it. It’ll probably start to get worn out if I don’t put it aside for a little while so I’ll just have to find something else in my sister’s closet to replace it.

As mentioned above it was found at ReTails Thrift Shop in Raleigh, NC… of which their cause I want you all to know a little bit about:

ReTails is the the only nonprofit thrift shop in the Triangle that gives 100% of net profits to help the animals.
100% of the profits from ReTails Thrift Shop support THE $20 FIX, our targeted spay/neuter assistance program that enables low-income pet owners to spay/neuter their pets for $20. ReTails is owned and operated by AnimalKind, a nonprofit organization established in 1998…When we have surplus, we either donate it to local charities or sell it for export to countries with short supply, with the income from those sales going to THE $20 FIX program. We always try to ensure that usable surplus merchandise goes to people who need it (or in the case of blankets and towels to animals that need it!).

I’ll be posting next about a couple of skirts I also found on a second trip to ReTails. Gotta take some pictures of them first though.

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