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putting models in outfits

March 11, 2010

…I know I said I would post my finds from my second trip to ReTails, but I just haven’t worn and so had the chance to take pictures of the skirts yet. I will get to it–I promise…

I just now put together a little something from this new site: Couturious and despite what I thought was a very limited collection of clothes, I really like what I have. Oh and I have to say it’s pretty awesome that users get to choose a model, a background, and mention the occasion for the outfit (‘where is she going?’) Pretty neat. Here’s what I pulled together and this time I have what the pieces are and their monetary value are listed below my creation. In case your wondering: I decided that my model is going to visit a museum. (Something I love to do and definitely love to dress well when I’m out doing it). Yes…I questioned whether she should be wearing heels or not, but she’ll be able to rest her feet when she grabs lunch. Okay I think I got way too into this.

What do you think of her outfit and the site?

My Coturious Ensemble

My Couturious Ensemble

Herringbone Blazer: Silence & Noise, $39.99 at Urban Outfitters

Plaid Wool Vest: Fei, $118 at Anthropologie

Leather Tulip Wrap Skirt: See by Chloe, $540 at

Buttoned Leather Boot: Frye, $205 at

Raphael bag: Tory Burch, $325 at Tory Burch

Whitney Necklace: Vintage City Classics, $95 at Vintage City Classics (necklace no longer available)

Leaf Bracelet Cuff: Kinetic Soul, $38 at Kinetic Soul

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