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i’d send you a postcard

August 10, 2010

I’ve been gone for a while. It wasn’t intentional and I hope I never do so for so long again.

I’m back in Boston and catching my breath for the next couple of weeks before I’m back to school and back to fine tuning my time management skills. In the mean time I’ve been job hunting and with luck I might add. I’ve also been online adding items to my dream cart. That’s part of an inside joke, but I think you get it.  So…I’ve been online and sniffing around Modcloth. Since the universe has a teasing sense of humor, of course there is a pair of gorgeous cut-out oxfords that I can’t afford–or at least the responsible me can’t afford. They’re just the right formula of rustic leather and canvas to conjure up daydreams of summertime in 1960s France, living in the countryside. I’d be laying under the summer sun. Breathing in the fresh air.  Pen and journal in hand. Willing time to stand still.


I’d hope to pair it with as beautiful a dress as the one below, also found on Modcloth.

What would you be doing?

Seeing Red Dress-ModclothScholarly Method Flat-Modcloth

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